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Please full out the information below, and tell me where you are looking in and what your needs are, and you comfort price range you are looking in. I need the information so I can SERVE you better!

“Success is when we work together to achieve your GOAL!”

Also, you will have a direct line to me, leave a note on any property you like, or questions you need answered. You can now relax, you have a response from me within 12 hours if not sooner!

Save yourself time by allowing me do what I do for a living, so you be able to spend more time with those things that you need to do and good at!

Remember: “Pictures without ALL the information are never the total picture and always the entire story ~! Pictures being shown, are attention gotcha, use to draw your interest. The rest, the information, will help you decide. Where that information comes from is IMPORTANT to you, and it may not all be on the listing information! Hire an agent that will tell you and find the missing pieces. Then when you actually view the property everything will fall into place. Remember too hire a Realtor® that is not the listing agent that serves the seller. Lastly, the seller pays the commission; you get to choose your Realtor®! I am that Realtor.

Thank You” Ronald Wolchesky ( Realtor Ron W)


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