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Florida’s property taxes are administered by locally elected officials and supervised by the Florida Department of Revenue. Florida does not have a state-level property tax, and only 6% sale tax and second best state in the nation for business. For more about Florida Taxes use this link> Florida Taxes: A – Z

Property Tax Base

  • Property Appraisers
    County property appraisers establish a property’s just, or market, value on January 1 of each year. Then they factor in all valid exemptions and classifications to determine the property’s taxable value. The taxable value of all property in a county makes up the property tax base.
  • Department of Revenue
    The Department reviews and approves each county’s annual tax roll to promote equitable and uniform assessments across the state. The Department also approves each property appraiser’s annual budget.

Property Tax Rates

  • Elected Officials
    Florida has more than 640 local governments that levy a property tax. These include cities, counties, school boards, and special districts. Each year, local taxing authorities set a millage, or tax, rate that is levied on the property’s taxable value. The millage rate multiplied by the taxable value is the tax levied on each property.
  • Department of Revenue
    The Department ensures that local government millage rates do not exceed state-mandated caps. Also, the Department confirms that local governments properly and timely advertise public hearings to adopt millage rates and annual operating budgets.

Annual Notification

  • Property Appraisers and Local Governments
    In August, the property appraiser sends each property owner a Notice of Proposed Property Taxes, or “TRIM” notice. This notice contains the property’s value on January 1, including any exemptions. It provides the millage rates proposed by each taxing authority and an estimated amount of taxes owed based on those millage rates.
  • Department of Revenue
    The Department ensures that the TRIM forms and the information supplied to property owners comply with Florida law.

Appeals Process

  • Value Adjustment Boards
    Each county has a five-member value adjustment board, which hears and rules on challenges to a property’s assessment, classification, or exemptions. The value adjustment board is a quasi-judicial body that is independent from the property appraiser and tax collector.
  • Department of Revenue
    The Department provides annual training to value adjustment boards. It produces mandatory procedures and forms to ensure fair, impartial, and uniform hearings for all taxpayers.

Billing and Payment

  • Tax Collectors
    County tax collectors send annual tax bills to property owners in late October or early November. Full payment is due the following March 30. Discounts up to 4% are given for early payments.
  • Department of Revenue
    The Department provides professional certifications and training to tax collectors and their staffs. Department also reviews and approve the annual budgets of most tax collectors.

Collections and Refunds

  • Tax Collectors
    If a property tax bill is not paid by March 30, the tax collector may sell a tax certificate on that property to collect the taxes that were not paid. A tax deed on the property may be sold if the property owner has not paid all back taxes, interest, and fees within two years. Tax collectors also process requests for property tax refunds.
  • Department of Revenue
    The Department provides assistance to property owners who have questions about the local property tax process. The Department reviews and approves refunds $2500 and above.

Funding of Public Education and Local Services

  • Property taxes are distributed by the tax collector to the local taxing authorities. Property taxes in Florida make up roughly 50% of public education funding and 30% of local government revenues.

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