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If you are in need of any help, drop me an email and the best time I can call you, or send me YOUR properties needs by email along with: price range : your area : the type of property you are searching for all your other real estate needs! I will then set you up to get the newest and latest properties with the most accurate information that REALTORS uses sent to your email address every morning~!.Save yourself time to do the things you need to do and stop looking at meaningless properties. Remember, I do this FULL time, and if you need more information about a property, I am here for you.


All Zip Codes Map: Cape Coral : Fort Myers : Estero : Lehigh Acres : Bonita Springs : Estero Plus others areas within Lee County

Zip Code map


Bookmark this PAGE (use the Zoom Control if you want to see the map clearer in internet Explorer tools)

“Pictures without ALL the information are never the total picture and always the whole story ~!” Realtor Ron W ..”Pictures being shown, are attention gotcha, use to draw your interest. The rest, the information, will help you decide. Where that information comes from is IMPORTANT to you, and it may not all be in the listing information! Having an agent will get you the missing pieces. Then when you actually view the property; have it inspected where everything begins to fall into place having a pre-approval letter or proof of funds ready done ready for the seller’s hands. Sellers and Banks expect this information, before reviewing yours or any offers. Do not lose out by not having this or have an agent that is not the listing agent that serves the seller.”

If you in need of a passionate Realtor, that works with and for you or even any help with my webpage, database, or your property Searches, Please call: 239-209-1923, or drop me an email: Thanks!”


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