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  Free MLS Property Search Fort Myers Cape Coral Lehigh Acres Check out Even more Free information and help at the bottom ….This is really AWESOME!!.. Property Search > Search In Lee County Florida Fort Myers, Cape Coral Watch this video below then check it out Above~!  AWESOME Property Search Video Above!! Property Search > Search … Continue reading

What Realtors can not Disclose~! I wish I can tell you…But…(I help you get the answer).

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Because of law, specifically,The Fair Housing Act,    Realtors/Real Estate gents, can’t legally share information with you that you would like answers to. The government wants to make sure that home purchasing decisions are based on a property’s fair market value and not factors such as race, religion, crime or ethnicity. Why the restrictions? The law wants to stop … Continue reading

Are Comparable Sales only for Sellers… Lee County Florida

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 NO A seller can use comparable sales to justify his or her asking price to the buyer. However, ultimately, a buyer will pay an amount the buyer believes is a fair price that the seller has agreed to. You would never get a buyer offering more on a house, unless it is best offer, or auctions. Buyers generally want to … Continue reading

Other means to fund your dreams in Florida

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If you are looking and hoping to buy your dream home, today may be a better day, than tomorrow will be. Home prices have been going up the last two and half years, and this was done on lower interest rates. Today, prices are still moving higher, but so are interest rates. Also, little is heard, about … Continue reading

Right Time to Buy (or Sell) Your Home? Lee County, Florida

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               I want to share an article below worth reading written by the administrators of The Top Retirement site. The question they asked may be one that is paralyzing your decision making. One you been face with lot of opinions about from family members and friend who can be the worst voices to lend your ears too. SO, IS THIS THE RIGHT … Continue reading

You Can Sell your home on my Board? Check it out~!

Buying-a-home-IF you are waiting to sell your home before you can move, in my last posting I suggested an idea of taking on-line courses to help you stay current with your present job, allows for advancement and something that will help your resume allowing you to be more marketable and competitive when you arrive in southwest Florida, if employment is something you would need. This could help start creating a local network as well to do networking. I suggested you take the course in one of Lee County Schools that could be found on one of my board under schools (On-LINE COURSES). If you click once it will open up to a bigger picture then click a second time, it will take you to the school that interest you for the information.  (On-LINE COURSES).

Now, about selling YOUR home! I have just created a board for people selling their home, condo, and townhouse. Please feel free to post your home there free of charge, and for more exposure. I would need your email address in order to give you the permission to do so, you can email that here Contact Me Directly. You will see, Indian River Juices gave me permisson to post their board. Good news, if you are presently using Pinterest, than just like the Page and I give you the permission to post your home, and as many pictures you like, EASY! You never know if a person that is also using Pinterest will discover YOUR House and want to ask you about it. Even if you are working with an Agent, it makes no difference. I am sure you both want it sold, and you doing it at NO extra Cost! You want your home sold, and I am here offering my help for free! Other than it being sold, how much better can that be?

Sell / Buy your Home

Pinterest is getting to be more popular than Facebook and it is fun and interesting to use as well. Hey set you own board up and let me see what interest you! I am curious too. Have fun with it! Visit mine often for the updates, like or re-pin those items you like on your board. Post your home on your board as well!! I am sure you get opinions about it and maybe even an offer! How sweet that would be! Sell / Buy your Home

So Please take advantage of this offer, be the first to pin. You may even see how many people like your house, ask how much you want for it ? See if you get answers back! You now have another person you may want to contact! Nothing to lose and tons of fun to have, and you can explore my other boards there about the area, food recipe, video, local activities and more.

Thank you for your time. I hope to see your home on my pinterest board!

Post Your Home Here:> Sell / Buy your Home 

Find out about ON-Line Courses and Lee County Schools:>  (On-LINE COURSES).

Remember: “Pictures without ALL the information are never the total picture and always the entire story ~! Pictures being shown, are attention gotcha, use to draw your interest. The rest, the information, will help you decide. Where that information comes from is IMPORTANT to you, and it may not all be on the listing information! Having an agent will get you the missing pieces. Then when you actually view the property; have it inspected where everything begins to fall into place having a pre-approval letter or proof of funds ready for the seller’s hands. Sellers and Banks expect this information, before reviewing yours or any offers. Do not lose out by not having this or a Realtor® that is not the listing agent that serves the seller. Remember, the seller pays the commission!! You get to choose your Realtor®! And I want to be YOUR Realtor”

Thanks for your time. Enjoy Pinterest! Happy Pinning!

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