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The most Real-time information about Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, Alva, Estero and the beaches that you wont fine much in other places on the internet~!

Property searching is not about Hocus-Pocus. It is all about FOCUS.

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Real estate is not about Horus-Pocus

It is not about googling away. Having many good third parties sites, like Trulia, Zillow, Realtor com, Home Finder, and so many more. IT should be about having one dependable, real-time, most updated information on the real estate market you wanting to buy, sell your property. It should be about the site; you own to do as you please without being bothered by many others.

 search for homes houses sign up free

All those calls you get, your flooded email box, when using third party real estate sites.

The site I am offering is a site that all others above third party sites gets their initial information off of. Then these third parties sites package and funnel the information having hopes in capturing your name, email, and phone number so they can sell this information to others companies and parties that deal in, with real estate too.

Your information is also sold to Real Estate agents. Real Estate agent pay for this information as one of their many out of pocket expenses, hoping to get reimburse by working hard in making their buyers and sellers successful with their Dreams, and Goals.

 search for homes houses sign up free

The Real and only true date Base on properties for sale

I am now offering you a real tool Real Estate agent use. A tool where real estate deals starts; no longer wonder if your property of interest is available. Get real information on any properties in areas you are searching in, when and as they first placed in the market and when available. Know in real-time price changes, up or down, when there is a contact on the property. When the property may be placed back on, or the property is not longer available, it sold. Real Estate Agents need information in real time, now you have this information too, as well all the description about the property, as well as all available pictures. I do not share or sell your information ~!

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you can not find a better program to Search for Real Estate.

Did you view the video? See what amazing things you able to get, do and how the information is truly professional. Save time and monitor those homes and properties that interest you by marking them your favorite. This program now updates you on any changes in those properties. You will know the property history up to their present status. Bonus, get their changes and newly placed properties matching your criteria in your email box every day. Make your searching less stressful and overwhelmed by unsubscribing to all the other information you may be getting.

Of course, if you in need of additional help, more information about a particular property, help with the site, email me. Also, as pointed out in the video, use your note section on any particular property, ask whatever you need. I should respond to your inquiry within 12 hours, no longer than with 24 hours; now how much better can I make it for you?

Email to:
Cell Phone: 239-209-1923 Home: 239-349-4684

Now watch the video if you have not. Sign up with honest answers, for honest real set up of your site for free and getting the newest information on your criteria send to your email. Then watch your email for your user ID and password. I will have your email address to send that information. If problems are detected I have your phone number to call to make the corrections.

Thank You

Real Estate Tool Box

The Tool you going to need to do serious Home Searching

See you on the other side!

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Ronald Wolchesky




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