Home Opportunities for you

Home Opportunities for you

Down payment help for hard workers

Home opportunities are available for many looking to buy a home. Down payment seems to be a hard hurdle that discourage trying.

Buying-a-home-What many may not know, there are many programs available from the government and private sector, that offer good assistant in buying quality homes. These are not housing for poverty or welfare needed people, section 8. These houses are the houses that would be looked at if people had the money would buy.

What is nice about Florida; Florida offers the second most programs in the country, only behind Texas, with 230 different programs. The video below will give you a better insight what you can expect.

sweet lee

These are different programs from the Federal, State, County, City agencies plus the private sector, each with their different rules, and eligibilities requirements. They are no harm in trying and answer the questions on the link below, where you would receive instant answers as to what you could receive.     Find Down Payment Help

The video below would help you better understand what these programs are about.

If there are any questions please drop me a line, 23o-209-1923, emailto:RealtorRonW@gmail.com          


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