Poll MSN Money Best Pools Poll

MSN money Recently posted an article of 12 Best Pool

Please take the pool Below


Here are just 2 of the 12 best pools around to get you in the mood for summer. See gallery
Temperatures are starting to rise to that perfect point for swimming. Have you considered building a pool oasis in your backyard this summer? What about upgrading the one you already have to be a retreat?
If you’re searching for pool-design ideas, why not take some inspiration from some of the greats out there? To get your ideas flowing, here are some of the amazing pools people are luxuriating in every day.

Fort Myers honorably mention Traditional Pool:

Tropical influence

This traditional pool in Fort Myers, Fla., is influenced heavily by the area around it to create a tropical feel. The hay roofing overhead allows for a partial indoor swimming environment and relaxation on the stone seating on the side of the pool. The palm trees and plants artfully placed by the side of the pool and around the exterior evoke feelings of serenity and escape in this tropical culture.
To top it all off, the area in the middle of the pool has a sink and countertop for poolside dining and drinking, with underwater seating to enjoy food and beverages.


Fort Myers Pool

A> Fort Myers, Fla.,


B> Portland, Ore.,


C> Los Angeles pool


D> Keauhou, Hawaii,

You can see the other Pools at http://realestate.msn.com/12-pools-to-swoon-over#1


Realtor Ron W Tip for the post:

Question: You may like a pool, but do you know how much a Pool is Worth?

A pool adds little value to your home, is nice to have, and Does costs monthly fees to keep it looking nice and healthy. So if is not a need more than a want too many, and if you like a house, that does not have a pool, you can always add in later when equity is built up in the home, if buy a home that has room for it.


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