Paying for every mile you Drive

Tax Collector
This is just one of many taxes you be facing in the future. The Government is  planning to test and install a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car in order to pay to mend our  crumbling highway system by charging you for each mile you drive.

At the same time, a certain political party cries how the middle class and the poor standard of living have not improved for a long time. They want you to think they care.

Probably won’t be so bad, if this is going to be the only tax, but we are paying taxes on gas, cell phones, electric bills, cable TV, as well as many other enjoyment we use, and this does not even include sales tax. tax collector 1

I can not begin to imagine the expenses The “Affordable Health Care is going to bring, nor how the hopes for the young among us will pay the bulk of the payment, when many are out of work and some living at home.

If your hopes are, Corporations will be the saving grace, this is not so too. What ever taxes they are forced to pay will be embedded in the prices you pay at the cash register. So, i have to assume, you going to see many sale price  items go up, and you should include, the cost that trucker need to pay, be passed on as well.

Now comes the Questions how would this effects Real Estate and you. Although the jury is still out, I felt there is only two possibilities.

tax collector3
In Florida, the standard commission is around 6 %, This is total. The Seller agent and the buyer agent splits with 3 % each. Of this 3%, the agent respective broker, takes his fee from the 3% of his agent, and the agent also has to pay insurance fee.

Also, many brokerages have to charge buyers for record keeping, this again is because of government regulations, so as Corporations do, it is passed through to the consumer. The fees varies per brokerages, and are under 500. If you are paying more than this, move on to another Real Estate company. Ask the Realtor what the fees are before you decide to work with them. Remember, this is just one of many charges you be paying before you actually close, and receive the key to your new place.

Next time, you hear Government telling you, how corporation are not paying higher taxes, or go after big business or business at all, interpret it to mean, you are not. Government knows what goes on, but do they care?

Now it comes down to the Realtor you are working with. He/she never collects a salary, but have  expenses, in just about everything that has to be done, There also Broad dues and dues to use the Multiple Listing Services (properties listings), which is the data base of 99% of the properties that is on the market and their latest statues. I give personalize, customize accounts to my clients FREE.

Now how do you feel he/she should handle the charges they are going to have to cover, for driving client around? Remember, she/he is paying for the gas, upkeep of the car, added insurance and more.

Would you be happy with paying a service charge? Again, I guess the figure going to be determine by what the taxes going to be.

Or, would it be better, if the 6 % commission paid at closing, goes higher to 7,8 % ?

This is something you may want to pay attention to. You be a victim of this as well. You be paying per mile you drive as well. So stay inform. Participation in your government, is the only solution.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post. I hope you stayed attentive to this new purposed law and take part in your government seeing this does not happen.

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Till next time

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