Waiting to move to Southwest Florida, Lee County ; Fort Myers / Cape Coral Plus?

If you been wanting and waiting to make the move to Southwest, Florida, Lee County, but may need to sell your house, or may need a job, have you given thoughts about enrolling in on line courses as you take care of the needed business, or prepare yourself for employment as you wait? 

Perhaps you already in a good job and one listed below that been posted on Kiplinger, as the most lucrative career, all in which are needed in our county. Lee country has many good hospitals, doctors, and other medical facilities and therapy centers as well as a good verse population that carter to our Senior citizens, as well as younger families and it is my understanding, Florida students are second in the world in fourth grade reading, behind Singapore. (Way to go Florida!!) Florida is also trying to improve teachers’ salaries and making it the top state in the Nation for education. Also, Cape Coral just open a state of the Art Veterans clinic that always looking for help of some sort and if you want, check that out here>Lee County NEW VA HEATH CARE System-in-cape-coral/

College Majors for a Lucrative Career
Read more at http://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/business/T012-S001-10-best-college-majors-for-a-lucrative-career/index.html#CvYkdxbRAuekAUOw.99

10. Medical Assisting Services

9. Management Information Systems

8. Construction Services

7. Medical Technologies

6. Electrical Engineering

5. Chemical Engineering

4. Treatment Therapy Professions

3. Transportation Sciences and Technology

2. Nursing

1. Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Perhaps you in the field now, would it not help to take a course or two, in a local University? This way you already have connections here and very possibly have another resource available for you when you arrive to use to find employment. You can even take courses when you are here to further your career if you wanted. This could also be wise networking! You may want to check out> Welcome to Southwest Florida College Online!And see if they can offer you some opportunities. If you like more resources, contact me: Contact Me Directly if this site does not help: Help Jobs wanted in Lee County: Fort Myers : Cape Co : ETC  

Welcome to Southwest Florida College Online!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you found some good resources and ideas you can put to use and in play.

Remember: “Pictures without ALL the information are never the total picture and always the entire story ~!” Realtor Ron W ..”Pictures being shown, are attention gotcha, use to draw your interest. The rest, the information, will help you decide. Where that information comes from is IMPORTANT to you, and it may not all be on the listing information! Hire an agent that will get you the missing pieces. Then when you actually view the property; have it inspected, when everything begins to fall into place since you had a pre-approval letter or proof of funds ready done for the seller’s hands when making your offer. Sellers and Banks expect this information, before reviewing yours or any offers. Do not lose out by not having this or a Realtor® that is not the listing agent that serves the seller. Remember, the seller pays the commission!! You Get to choose your Realtor®!”

Until next time my Best and happy home searching,

Ronald (Realtor Ron W) wolchesky
“Success is when we work together to achieve your GOAL!”
License in Florida
Home: 239-349-4684
Cell: 239-209-1923


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