Women Love Fishing too…BoBCock Preserve Fort Myers SouthWest Florida

snook_6[2]_207x152If you visiting and need a break from your home searching, You may want to get a pole and try your luck at Bass Fishing or just relax and be “one with ” NATURE” just 20 minutes away from Fort Meyers, Fl,

I know you will enjoy the video as well as the Area, check out Pinterest too below.

women lov fishing too

Remember Realtor Ron W says: “Pictures without ALL the information are never the total picture and always the entire story Where that information comes from is important to you~! Remember, the Seller pays for my services and the listing agent interest is with the Seller, YOU get to choose your agent. I am not just any real estate agent, I can be YOUR Realtor, hire me”

Printerest http://pinterest.com/realtorronw/real-estate-in-southwest-florida-lee-county-greate/ an interesting and enjoyable experience

Thanks and enjoy

Ron Wolchesky (Realtor Ron W)


License in Florida


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