Golf, Taxes, and Florida is the place to be! Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee County

It matters who you place into office, and if the state is big with its” government, and if the Unions have a strong hold you can expect to pay higher taxes. …

“Mickelson’s longtime rival, Tiger Woods, acknowledged last week that he left California for Florida in 1996 upon turning pro because of the difference in state tax. At the time, California’s top rate was 9.3 percent for individuals earning more than $32,000. Woods, who earned $56.4 million in 2012, kept roughly $7.5 million this year in funds he otherwise would have owed to the state of California. Mickelson, who will now pay the 13.3 percent rate, will owe the state about $8 million.
“The more expensive it gets, the more you’re going to look elsewhere,” Hurley said. “’How much extra am I willing to pay to live in California?’ And when you have a guy like Mickelson who makes so much money … just think about if he was living in Florida.”
Do you know the top places for golf in Florida?
Top 10 Florida Golfing Destinations

  1. Naples Golf Courses
  2. Fort Myers Golf Courses
  3. Orlando Golf Courses
  4. Boca Raton Golf Courses
  5. Jacksonville Golf Courses
  6. Bradenton Golf Courses
  7. Sarasota Golf Courses
  8. Ocala Golf Courses
  9. Vero Beach Golf Courses
  10. West Palm Beach Golf Courses

Florida Taxes – Florida ranks low in terms of the tax burden placed on residents. Based on income, property and other state and local tax collections, the Tax Foundation research organization ranks Florida among the lowest tax states (Florida ranks #5 among the 50 states in 2013; only four states have a lower tax burden).
State Sales Tax – 6%
Corporate Tax – 5.5%
State Income Tax – None
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  1. Hi Dale, Thanks for asking, Come back later and I will post information you would find very interesting in, for you. What Advantage are you looking for? We a get place to retire to; have great weather, GREAT medical facilities; the area I in, is most upcoming area in the state. We have expanded the area, and redoing Downtown Fort Myers, with private money, so the resident are not going to see their taxes go up. We not far from Miami, Oleander and Tampa, boat ride to the Keys. So please send me an email, let me know what specific properties are your needs, or looking for and price range, I be glad to get that infor to you. Thanks for your question and reading my posts…

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