A romantic wedding at the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers Florida…

In the late 1880’s Thomas Edison stumbled upon Fort Myers area and made it his winter home. He not only built a home and laboratory here, but also enticed his friend Henry Ford to settle next door. Thomas Edison once declared “there is only one Fort Myers and 90 million people are going to find out about it!” Years later:

Wedding at the Edison & Ford Estate in Fort Myers Florida
Edison & Ford Winter Estate weddingEdison & Ford Winter Estate wedding 1
I was looking for a video to showcase how pretty the Edison and Ford Winter Estate is, and the below video was too good not to share.

The Estate does do weddings and Receptions, and after seeing this video, they  can be very intimate one too!

“From a simple ceremony to an elegant reception, the Edison & Ford Winter Estates is the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding. With historic homes, romantic gardens, and spectacular river views, the Edison Ford has something to offer every bride.” For information you can contact the Edison Ford Event Coordinator at 239-334-7419 to schedule a site walk and check the availability of your wedding date. And as they said, there is no substitute for viewing the Edison Ford in person.”

Mara and Scott’s wedding! Simply beautifully done by n.g.p : New Ground Photography, that I can not wait to see their first baby video..:)! Hope they call for their Real Estate needs.

They should have that white picket fence and a dog; I can not help them with, but we have great animal shelters here, that have great dogs looking for good homes, that I can place Mara and Scott in at the price they want, in the area they are looking in. 




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