Twelve Things that would cost you more in 2013

Despite the Tax cuts to the “Middle Class” and “savings” you be seeing in Health Care, they left out who is going to be paying for this. Interest Rates are still at all-time low, Southwest Florida is heading into its third year of housing and equity increases, and we do not have a State Income Tax, we a Right to Work State, therefore, most of your tax money won’t go to playing the benefits of Government employers/employees families, pensions and unions, what you have to do for yours.  We have “Homestead Exemptions” and “Save Our Homes” Constitutional State Amendments, that helps keep property taxes low! Our Sale tax is at 6% and we have many senior citizens benefits. Inflation is around the corner, interest rates will be heading higher, and if your state is dealing with a high budget deficit, you should be concern! We already have Out of control, ever increasing National Debt that no one seems to care about. To be sitting on Your States DEBTS as well should not be a comfortable feeling.  Check out Florida, retirement friendly and business friendly.

12 things that will cost you more in 2013.


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