What is this Big Deal about the River Walk District in Southwest Florida, Lee County? Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, the Beaches+

Presently this is “What’s Happening” in the River District in downtown Fort Myers; near the summer retreat homes of the Great Thomas Edison and his neighbor, Henry Ford. These guys were pals. As this area grows more activities and vendors, theaters, shops, eatery will be moving into the area as well. Boat docks will be available that you can boat in from your back yard if you are fortunate to have River/Gulf access, and dock it there. There are many properties in North Fort Myers and Alva, less known but still worth a look, that make this worth the trip and easily reachable. No need to get to the Gulf, the fishing and relaxation is right on the Caloosahatchee River. Alva is beautiful Country like  area and many have land and stable for horses. If boating does not work for you, you are within 30 minutes to the River District; North Fort Myers, just over one of two bridges, or even 4, depending on the way you want to travel, that takes you right to the River District.  On a good day, you may be blessed with a double rainbow as you cross from a quick downpour. Cape Coral, there are also multiple ways of getting their as well. But then again, Cape Corals offer their own activities, and some people in Fort Myers, as well as throughout Lee County, may go there to enjoy their’s as well. 

Featured Events in the River District:


Art Walk is a monthly art event held the First Friday of each month from 6-10pm in the downtown Fort Myers River District.

The event is a self guided and self paced tour of Downtown Art Galleries and Businesses. Participating business that showcases art during Art Walk include galleries, museums, retail shops, and community centers. The Art Walk Brochure is available at most River District businesses and includes a map of the event that indicates participating Art Stops and Business Partners. You can download the map here.

The Art Walk After Party is held from 10 until close at a Downtown establishments after Art Walk ends at 10pm. Expect to see gallery owners, artists and art collectors at these relaxed celebrations. Spirits of Bacchus is the current official after party location.

Visit the Official Artwalk website.

artfair The seasonal Saturday Art Fair has outgrown the Patio de Leon and has expanded to nearby Dean Street (between First and Bay). The art fair has expanded its hours to 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and now features 25 local artist vendors. This will be the final Saturday art fair of this season, but it will return in the fall.
music_walk The River District comes alive with local music every 3rd Saturday in the downtown Fort Myers River District. Over 30 participating venues feature live music by local and regional talent. Restaurants, bars, art galleries, and shops will showcase a wide range of music during Music Walk. From jazz and blues to rock, drum circles and piano, expect to hear a wide variety of musical genres. Many venues will also feature additional attractions such as wine and food tastings. Each month will bring new music and energy to the historic streets of downtown Fort Myers.Visit the Official MusicWalk website for more information.

Downtown Fort Myers Bike Night ~ In the historic Fort Myers River District.

A Saturday night event held quarterly from 6-10pm. Featuring live music on multiple stages, vending by hand picked merchants, and bike show on First Street in Fort Myers. Downtown Fort Myers is a newly renovated, brick paved city scape featuring world class bars, restaurants, art galleries, tattoo shops, and more. Sponsored by The City of Fort Myers and The River District Alliance.

3 Stages of Live Music & Scavenger Hunt with Cash Prize!

To contact us call 1-855-RDA-EVENTS (732-3836)
Click here to visit the Offical Fort Myers Bike Night website.




St. Patricks Day Block Party – Downtown Fort MyersClick here for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you find the above exciting, and interesting.  If you have any questions or in need of information,  you can email me at mait to:  realtorronw@yahoo.com  or give me a call, my cell is 239-209-1923, home 239-349-4684.

To see additional information about the area or look at properties try these links below:

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Look for properties in Southwest Florida: Cape Coral, Fort Myers. Lehigh, Estero. Bonita Springs and the beaches

Remember: “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!” Realtor Ron W


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