Floridian, on Novemember 6: Vote YES to Amendment 4 this is Non-Floridian added Gem too

“When you wish upon a STAR….Makes no difference who you are….”

Amendment 4 can help in that wish! It is for

  • Floridian
  • First time home buyers..(That is you if you have not brought a house in over 3 years!)
  • Investors
  • Business owners
  • Second / Vocational homes; non-Floridians gem.
  • Job creator
  • Economy boosts 

So if you been waiting to buy property, you are missing the boat! Interest rates are still low, and Amendment 4 should pass on November 6, giving added value in your savings!  But this is not without a catch; the biggest savings comes from how soon you make your property purchase. It has phase out period, however not until 2021.   

If you have any questions, please call or drop me an email. I can be reached at via email:

rwolchesky@advantarealty.com Cell: 239-209-1923: H: 239-349-4684

Remember: “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!” Realtor Ron W ..Picture being shown, are used to advertise and draw your interest. The rest, the information, will help you decide. Where that information comes from is IMPORTANT to you. When you view the property and have the inspection, everything will fall into place”.

Ronald Wolchesky (alias Realtor Ron W) 

Look for Great Buys In Lee County: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and more!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post

Ron Wolchesky (Realtor Ron W)
License in Florida


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