U.S. Housing Market Finally Reaches a Turning Point Cape Coral Fort Myers SW Florida

 I mention many times, when you hear the disappointing reports on the housing market, pay attention to the areas you have your interest in, not the general report. The article below gives reasons why:

 • The recovery will be led by demand from buyers for rental properties

• Young people—who were particularly hard hit by the recession—and immigrants will lead the demand for rental properties

• Rental demand will help to clear the huge oversupply of existing homes for sale.

• The housing market recovery will not be uniform across the country.

• There will also be vast differences within states.

• The average size of the American home will shrink.   (HOWEVER, the retirement communities will INCREASE!)

• Consumer industries including financial services, home furnishings, home remodeling will all experience shifts in demand and new growth opportunities.

• Despite the number of Americans who have been hurt financially by the housing crash, the desire to own a home remains strong.

Also, you may get a better idea if the area a good area by trying to find out if investors are involved. If so, what are the projects and how are they being paid for. Here in Lee County, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral, much are done by the private sectors and many of these projects have not been included in the present home prices. So prices are good when you take this under consideration! You can read my many articles I have on my area and see videos and cams and more here:  https://rwolchesky.wordpress.com

You can read the entire article and also details about the bullets here:    http://rismedia.com/rrein/8695/92599/null/36713

 And Remember:  “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!” Realtor RonW

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please leave your comments.  Drop me an email, call if you have a real estate need. 

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