Cape property values up for first time in five years – | News, sports, community info. – Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Cape property values up for first time in five years – | News, sports, community info. – Cape Coral Daily Breeze.

Just more good news about Cape Coral and Lee County difficult recovery.

I recently receive a comment from a follower that read:

Hi, what would you say about this article online today (6/1/12) from MSN Money:  I REALLY thought prices were improving, not decreasing. “No. 5: Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla. •Expected price change: –

8.0% •Unemployment rate: 9.6% (63rd highest)

•Change in home prices (2010 Q4 to 2011 Q4): +3.5%

 “The southwest Florida housing market may have the worst long-term outlook in the country, and Cape Coral-Fort Myers is the worst in the area. Home prices in the region have dropped slightly less than 60% since their peak in the first quarter of 2006, one of the country’s most severe downturns. While prices have increased 3.5% in 2011, they are expected to fall by 8% in 2012 and to continue to drop through 2013. It is not until after that year that the area’s housing market is expected to start turning around.”

You can review my reply here if you wish..

Question and answers regarding a posting about the housing market.

I am thankful for his comment and it just proves my point. I just do not understand with all the data out there, why? It is important to always use multiple sources, and then your life experience and common sense. It has been difficult, and there some ways to go, more in some places than others. Make sure the data is not general and are specific to your area of interest.

It is obvious the housing market is still a mess, however, the wise invests in the mess.

There are two main reasons for our housing mess, the banks and the handling of the economy by our present leadership. The amount of governing they want to do. The amount they want to take from businesses and entrepreneurs; it been very hard for them to plan and hire. They have to see the awards for the risks they take and that risk they decide, are allowed to implement quickly, attending to their business and not that of the government.

I still believe, the American Spirit and Dreams are pent-up, ready for an explosion. Let me know if you are concern and waiting?

Thank you taking the time to read my post. Thanks for the comments. I hope these helps. Do not hesitate to leave your commits and questions.

Remember: “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!” Realtor Ron W

More can be found at:

Ronald Wolchesky



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