Cape Coral, Fort Myers, SW Florida Opportunities

The unemployment news this morning been very dismal, government cannot let loose the restrictions and regulations they are placing on businesses. Entrepreneurs need to worry on their costs and their expenses on their risks versus the rewards that will belong to them for their risks taken. They also need to feel comfortable with the costs and expenses that are require hiring others, and see that they contribute to his bottom line, his profits. Businesses and investors are in business to make money. We are a Capitalistic society. No apologies needed.

There is nothing wrong with being rich! In our own ways, we are all rich in ways we may be unaware of and not appreciative of.

Rich people buy those big yachts we may all envy and even dream of having. That Yacht purchase put lots of people to work! From designing, building, selling, maintaining, cleaning, docking, running and policing, and guiding it at sea and other needed tasks I am unaware of. This same thing can be said of anything brought, and it seems to me, the bigger the item, the more people are needed to maintain and are put to work. It all helps the economy.

There is no difference in the housing industry. You may be one of those stuck in limbo with uncertainties the present government is causing, and the directions it wants to go.

You may want to buy a house but been paralyzed by the news and all the predictions from so call “experts” that once told everyone, “housing prices will never be low again”.

Here a suggestion, if you are capable, able, and have money invested elsewhere, sell and buy real estate! Real Estate is a tangible asset, one that can be enjoyed and appreciates as well. Real estate increases in value, when done on merit and not speculatively, Vegas style.

Here are some realities that you may have not taken seriously. Interest rates are at a 30 year low! Home prices, in my area are reasonable. Sellers are in a negotiable mood. Inventory is there and home selections the best it been in many of years. You can pick better today, whereas in the past, you had to settle for.

In today’s market, it is very possible to buy a house that has more of your “wants”, and includes your “needs” as well!

In the past, depending on your budget, you may had to buy a house that had your “needs”, and added your “wants”, as the equity grows in the home increased and your budget allowed for.

Lee County, as was pointed out in my previous postings, shows a lot of hidden, uncountable values that have not been included in the present pricing in our housing market. has given Cape Coral, Fort Myers the highest rating in America in value in median priced homes!

Cape Coral, Fort Myers, have continue to expand and built-in this bad economy and it is being done by private investors, NOT the tax payer’s. What are they seeing that home buyers are not?

I believe the American Spirit and Dreams are pent-up, ready for an explosion. I am certain this is going to happen. I am certain, there is going to be good opportunities in the future housing market, however not like the opportunities that exist in today’s market. If you can, consider taking advantage of them.

When you buy a house, you are rich in a very special way. Watch how many people you help employed:

 remember: “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!” Realtor Ron W

Please visit me at and watch the live web cams of many of our beaches and water ways. See the building that is talking place now.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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