Cape council to consider widening Pine Island Road

TO add to my previous postings, on the growth that is happening today in the bad economy our great country is in, Lee County is not stopping improving itself. The best part, most is done by private investors / funding’s, not the Tax Payers and has not yet been factor into today home prices, that will increase their value! Location Location Loacation~!

Recently in Cape Coral, the Council voted to widen the Road that leads to the road to the plan vacationing spot. They are planning to zone it in so the area is a vacationing spot, and not consider an RV Spot, and will be open and enjoyed by the local residents as well as the vacationers. This will only add to jobs, Cape Coral economy, and the joy to live in Cape Coral!

Cape council to consider widening Pine Island Road.

IF you read the article on the pending RV Site off Burnt Store Road, this widening is a perfect reason to do so as well as a smart move by the City Council.

Again, all this is growth that is happening now and have not been factoring into today home prices. Just another benefit to buy / invest now well others are hesitate and the market belongs to the buyers.

Remember: : “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!

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Ron Wolchesky (alias. Realtor Ron W)


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