State-of-the-art park coming to Cape Coral

Still another project to be added to Cape Coral….NOT FUNDED BY THE TAX PAYERS !!

State-of-the-art park coming to Cape Coral

There are a lot of construction projects thus far this year that been added to the Cape Coral area, all done with private investments. Fort Myers is adding now; phase one of four in the River Walk Downtown Fort Myers area. Check out the videos under my video tabs.

There are still more I will be posting.

Understand many of these improvements have not been factor into the pricing of the housing market presently. They will eventually be. I would think, when fracturing in, the equities in your home you brought would increase even that much more. All what this has done is justify announcement that Cape Coral has the best medium price homes in America today!

So, if you are able, capable and ready to buy, but afraid, please let me know why? Drop me an email: and talk with me.

A home /property are tangible items. Housing prices have been steadily going up the last 16 months, and still selling at a discount considering the surrounding area have improved.  I am here to help you work thru your concerns. It hard for me or any realtor to understand your fears when interest rates are so low, and we have seen the costs of obtaining a loan continually gone up. Something I feel the media has given little press about. They are more concern in trashing the Housing recovery.  This may be true in certain areas, but not Southwest Florida!

Remember: “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!This is why Realtors are here for you. This is why I am waiting to hear from serious buyers / investors by email or call.

Thank you again in reading my post. Please drop your comments, better your email.

Email: Home Phone: 239-349-4684

Thank You,

Ronald Wolchesky, (alias: Realtor Ron W)


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