Bad Economy does not stop growth in Lee County: Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Bad times with the economy did not stop growth within Cape Coral, Fort Myers. The best thing, all the improvements have not been passed on to the Tax Payers, all done with private money. So if you waiting, this is the best reason to buy before the growth gets figure into home prices! “Location, location, location”..

-of-the-art RV resort a possibility in Cape Coral.

My last several days I showed improvements within Lee County that will allow for economic growth and improve property value when the economy is recognized as being in a recovery. Some were:

Interest rates won’t be as low as they are today, the present buyer’s market will begin to favor the seller’s, and inventory will quickly be reduced, by the demands that will leave little room for negotiations.

Construction will return to the county, for Lee Country offers still more opportunities for businesses and developments. Most of these growths will be a little more distances to our many beaches. River access will be limited too. However, we have many parks and recreation places within reach and even parks designated for OUR favorite buddy: dog parks and even beaches!

Fort Myers and Cape Coral is no great secret. rated us as the best value in America when it came to home prices.

Money magazine and CNN gave high ratings and even designated us among the best places to retire to.

Our Real Estate Market collapsed the quickest because of our popularity.

We are recovering among the fastest because of our many interests from buyers, both within the Continental USA as well as our international communities. Investors see the money that can be made here, and the many opportunities that exist for them. Florida is trying hard to be business competitive and friendly with our other states.

Florida will soon be the third largest State in the nation, passing New York, behind Texas and California.

Florida has no State Tax, low sale’s tax, and constitutional state amendments to protect our property from high taxes, in the “Homestead Exemptions” and “Save our Home”.

So, there is opportunity in Lee County, Southwest Florida. If you worried, however have the means, are able, capable, but hesitate, I would like to know why. The rich and wealthy see opportunities counter to herd mentality when everyone thought they had to buy a house, and did at all costs and paying and paid the price for it. The rich and wealthy were unloading.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my post. Leave me your point of view, connect with me via email: or call me at home: 239-349-4684

Remember: : “Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!

This is why Realtors are here for you. This is why I am waiting to hear from serious buyers / investors or anyone wanting to buy but has concerns or having trouble in buying.

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