Major General Kasulke tours Cape Coral’s VA Clinic

Cape Coral VA clinic expected to bring business boom.

This move will again add to Cape Coral values and is included among the many being made throughout Lee County and much more still to come. Cape Coral has been known to be the fourth-fastest growing city in the United States before the housing burst and considering all that been happening now, in spite of the bad economy being experience, Cape Coral is still experiencing growth and improvements; Fort Myers River Walk is undergoing improvements, phase one of four. Better still, much is being done with private investments; not increase property taxes, however property values will go up.

Presently Lee County has a Veterans Clinic located in Fort Myers on Winkers and Metro Parkway. However this Clinic hasn’t been able to keep up with the region’s increasing population of veterans. Lee County has been rated high for retirements and offers a lot of activities that our Vets love and it been rated among the second best place to retire to as well.

Major General Kasulke tours Cape Coral’s VA Clinic.

Outline of the New Improve VA Clinic in Cape Coral

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