Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres Communities

One thing found throughout My Greater Fort Myers area and the Beaches are Communities, some gated, some not.

Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, Estero, and even the beaches of Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel, Fort Myers Beach and the others seems to contain as many Communities as there are Golf Courses, and there are an estimated 1000 plus courses. Gee this is Donald Trump heaven, real estate and golf!

Mr. Trump, you need to pay us a visit my man! Greater Fort Myers and the Beach and you are a match made in heaven never need to worry about prenuptial agreements (:. We will love you to death Mr. Trump. We also redeveloping Down town Fort Myers, in 4 different phases, Check us out! Hey, you can include us in some boat tours, maybe a “Golf de tour”, having stayed over at your various places, then travel to all the ranges you have? Interconnect other places you have in South west Florida with US or even the Florida area to US. How about doing a Golf Tournament where Golfers have to win the most or sum the Par of all Golf ranges on One Card to be declared a winner in these different areas. Compete with the Triple Crown. March Madness. World Cup, Tour De France, the Master’s !! (:

My apologies for getting off on the topic. I find Mr. Trump a fascinating person, but there’s more than golf that can be part of the many amenities these great communities have to offer. Growing families can love the security these communities offer having a gated guard to gain access into. Many have children play grounds, pool area, Ice Cream Parlors, a movie theater, fishing piers, boating, Spas, Physical fitness area, Dinners, cafe, tennis, basketball, nature walk, jogging courses, and much more. They even plan activities you can participate, so if get busy in doing things you do, and not getting the time to schedule in to relax, you have these as your ace in the hole! Even kids can rid their boredom they always seem to find. You will find yourself living in a city within a city!

Please check out some of the many great possibilities out there for you below. Explore! You can actually view in detail information better than I can ever explain. You will find out more information and actual view the area many areas pictorial and videos, and given more specific details you are definitely entitle to.

Check out these Gated Communities

Remember, these are just some of the Many communities available for you. Please drop me an email; give me a call. Let me know your needs or questions.

Remember, always work with an agent and never deal directly with a giving sales department. Keep your interest in checked and guarded. We are here for you and be certain we are license and a Realtor and not just a person that sells real estate!

“Pictures without the information is never the whole and true story ~!” Realtor RonW

Visit my other posts and see the maps, many videos and great information I have on my page at  Thank You, Realtor RonW


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